• Zoe

Who were Backrub, Marathon, Midland, Brad's Drink?

So like these big brands above (find out who they are below) I am changing the name of my business to:

Little Bluebell Photography came from the first Bluebell Mini Sessions I did back in 2017 but now it's time for a change and get my name even more out there.

I am really excited about this new change!

The name will be changing on socials and my website so I would really appreciate a share where possible. Facebook and Instagram take a few days to approve the name change so bear with me if you follow my pages.

I am thankful for all my fabulous clients for all your support over the past few years and I look forward to photographing you all in the future.

So see below which big companies changed their names.......

Google was Backrub

Snickers was Marathon

Pepsi was Brad's Drink

Satander was Midland Bank

See you soon

Lots of love



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