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Where We Go Sledging And Top Tips For Family Photos In The Snow

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

So the January cold is upon us with a few flurries of snow in Surrey already. A light covering a few days ago had Rosie jumping up and down and wanting to sledge to school like we did last year!

The snow gets us all out for some fresh air with our Families-Mums, Dads, Children, Dogs and Friends.

A perfect time to capture some family images altogether

(listen to the groan from my family...not again Mummy)

So get out there.....woolly hats, scarves,mittens, gloves, sledges, flasks of tea, doggies & all!

The snow is a perfect reflector making everything bright and lovely, much like the beach, and using your mobile phone is such an easy way to photograph. Your mobile will have a setting for snow/beach which will help with the brightness.

Snowy Rosie & I at Guildford Golf Club

Top Tips for photos in the snow:

1. Get there early if possible as you won't have so many people behind you in your images.

2. Bundle on those hats scarves and gloves-the colours will look great against the snow.

3. Get faces really close together and focus on the eyes.

4. Tap on the faces on your screen to correct exposure.

5. Turn off your flash or......

6. Use the 'fill flash' setting for a little eye sparkle.

7. Take photos of snow angels!

8. ALSO... film the children sledging

9. SMILE!!! It won't snow again until next year.

10. Please print your images...I practise what I preach.

Places we love to go to sledge in Farnham, Guildford & Surrey........

1. Guildford Golf Club

Good parking, gentle hill so good for little ones

2. Newlands Corner

Parking charges apply now

Quite a steep hill so perfect for bigger children

3. Frimley Recreation Ground

Free parking

Gentle hill and usually really busy

Have fun in the snow when it comes with your friends, family & fluffy ones

Lots of love



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