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What Shall We Call Our Baby?

And why I was named (maybe not) after a dog down our road.......

Zoe-meaning "LIFE" in Greek

Boy or Girl?

So you are excitedly awaiting the arrival of your newborn, you may be just a few weeks pregnant or got nearly to your due date and are still trying to choose a name for your newborn baby. And even more thinking to do, if like me at the time, you don't know if you have a boy or a girl coming to join your family.

Family Connection

It was such an important decision for me to choose names for my girls that meant something to me and had a connection to our family.

I loved the name Mia from when I first heard it. Isabella is her second name after her my Nanny who I adored but she was known as Stella! We chose Luca for a boys name but Mother's intuition told me she was a girl!

Mia Named Her Sister.........

When I was expecting Rosie we had chosen either Emily or Tabitha for a girl and Oscar for a boy. We were all sat around the dinner table and we talked to a 7 year old Mia at the time and said so what do you think of Emily or Tabitha if you have a baby sister and she said 'ummm, what about Rosie?' And that was it! Name chosen and luckily she was a girl! I love talking to them about this.

My Sister likes to tease me that I was named after a dog down our road at the time and although this is probably NOT TRUE EMMA hahahaha it creates a story and she likes to tease me about it!

So choosing a name for your newborn baby is very important and choosing a name that is a little different, traditional, honouring a family member, short, easy to spell, works with 2 languages in the family or carrying on a family name for your newborn baby can be a big responsibility.

But go with your heart.

Choose one you love and also won't mind calling across the playground when they are 5 and its time to go home.

There are plenty of published lists every year of the most popular names for newborn babies, have a browse through and see what comes up for you

Baby Centre


Royal Baby

Poor Harry and Megan, they won't be able to choose an out there name and will have to stick with the traditional ones. I wonder what they will call theirs come spring time.

My Nieces

I'm lucky to have lots of Nieces and Nephews in our family and 2 different and fab names in the mix are Kitty (meaning "Pure") & Pepper (meaning "Berry")

There are plenty of baby name books out there for you to have a browse through to inspire you:



The Guardian

Famous Zoes: Zoe Ball-Zoe Sugg-Zoe Saladana-Zoe Wanamaker-Zoe Kravitz-Zoe Lucker

Get Choosing........

And if you name your gorgeous newborn baby Zoe let me know!

Lots of love



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