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What a fantastic year 2018 was!

So 2018 began after a dizzy few months of excitement starting my business. I have mostly worked for other people taking photographs and studio was my favourite genre although taking photographs from a helicopter was pretty hard to beat!

This year I attended training at the SWPP conference in January and was so happy to be among like minded people and the one thing that stuck in my mind was that I'm not actually a weirdo for seeing everything in pictures. Everywhere I go I always see things how they would look in a camera and I was so happy to know I'm not the only one!

The lovely Catherine Connor taught me that and her marketing talk left me feeling like not-so-a-weirdo after all.

Newborn posing with Elli Cassidy of Mini Memories & a lighting class from the Master himself Gary Hill of Art of the Portrait just made me want to perfect my art even more so..

The Newborn Photography Show was fun in May and got to meet Kelly Brown of Little Pieces Photography whose work I ADORE and had a fan girl moment! The awards dinner was amazing and the standard of work so high. Maggie Robinson of Dinky Feet mine and many others' favourite! Paulina Duczman THE fine art photographer....I have no words!

We were so lucky to have so much beautiful sunshine for my Bluebell Mini Sessions in May in Guildford, (Surrey Hills) and lots of families came for their portraits and a run around.

Then back to my newborns and a little Summer break where we enjoyed a holiday in Gran Canaria and got to totally relax with time by the pool and on the beach altogether.

And back home to Farnham, Surrey to my newborn work....

I love photographing people, especially little people and newborns.

I love to chat to people and find out all the interesting things about them and make them feel comfortable during a shoot.

I love to make my little clients laugh, smile and to mess around with them and be silly.

When they know I'm on their side, that's when you can really get them smiling from the eyes.

I love to photograph newborns when they are all still curled up and sleepy and capture those first few weeks when it all seems like a blur a few years after.

So 2019 holds a busy one again for me.

I have started offering products now so clients can display their little ones in their home and give them as gifts to loving grandparents, family & friends.

Planning is under way for the whole year and YES my Christmas Mini Sessions really do get planned in July!

I signed up a long while ago for business training with Kelly Brown which i'm SO excited for, and I'm looking into getting a business mentor as I want my business to fly!

Have a very Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you and your Family soon

Lots of love

Zoe xxxxx

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