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My Favourite Photos

Ok, so I have a lot.....BUT they are printed and displayed in our house

Photographs have always been important to me and I have always loved clicking away after Family & Friends.

After my Nan bought me my first camera I loved getting the prints back and looking through them. I was much more careful with film as you only had 24 or 36 images per roll and that was it.

This is the very 1st photograph I took on this camera.

It is of my lovely Nanny and no, it is certainly not perfect. eyes shut and she was messing around doing the washing up after my 9th birthday party. But it tells a story. It It's at our Family home in Hanworth, Middlesex. Our house was being renovated by my Dad so hence the cooper pipes and hideous wallpaper. I always write on the back of personal photographs. Looking at this I remember the Mr Men Notepad on the wall and the stickers that my Sister and I were collecting for a world map. Without a physical print I probably would have forgotten all of this.

This is a photograph of my Dad and his Mum. I have no other details other than that but I just love that it's just the two of them.Simple.

Summer 2012

We had just bought our house and I had a massive bump with Rosie inside. We were sorting our garden and my Sister and Niece came over. Kitty and I loved Vans so wanted to photograph them.

Mia & Adam

Rushing to the fireworks at Stoke Park after tea at Wagamamas in Guildford.

Long before Rosie, she finds it weird to see photographs where she is not around yet!

Rosie October 2012

Baby Rosie

I had a newborn shoot at home and have them all printed

Summer 2018

A relaxing family holiday in Gran Canaria

We all love this photograph so much we have it on our wall big. So when we look at it memories of days in the sun by the pool and on the beach come flooding back.

A few weeks back we decorated our lounge at last and bought these Ikea photo ledges and I love them. We can move all the photographs around whenever we wish.

So photographs tell a story of your life. Print them. Display them. And write on the back.

Lots of love



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