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The Summer Holidays Are Here! Aug 2018

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

The Summer holidays are, at last, upon us and complete with blue skies, hurrah!

Whilst juggling work and childcare in the holidays can be tricky, especially now I work for myself, I throughly enjoy time with our girls and we make lists of things we want to do in the holidays and stick it on the fridge. Top of the list this year for the girls is 1. Go to the beach 2. Have a McDonalds breakfast drive through and bring it home. Result!

I've made a little list of the top 3 things we have loved doing over the years and hope it gives you some help and keep you and the little ones busy

1. West Wittering Beach

Our fave beach EVER! Only just and hour from Guildford its the perfect beach day out with white sands and pretty beach huts. Parking is £7,in the Summer months. It has a cafe half way down the carpark and with changing facilities for babas in the toilets which are clean albeit sandy. It even has a hire place for surf boards, kayaks and paddle boards which Adam and I have enjoyed once when the girls were at school. Dogs can be walked on the far beach just not in front of the beach huts in the Summer months. There is a life guard station and they provide wrist bands for you to write your number on incase of a lost little one. Just asked my girls what they like best about that beach and they said "ice creams". Simple pleasures in our household!

2. Stoke Park Paddling Pool

Many happy days played here with my girls. The pool is clean and sometimes used by the local ducks too! Changing facilities are in the park toilets nearby. Stoke park also has a playground, boating lake, mini golf and a cafe with ice creams (ideal for bribing little ones to leave) Parking can be tricky as sometimes a you can park in Guildford college car park but the times vary. Nightingale Road is a good spot usually.

3. Alice Holt

Alice Holt is brilliant for a good stomp or cycle around the woods in rain or shine with wooden play structures for children to climb up along the way.There are various lengths of walks with clear signs. They also have Summer activities starting with Wild Learning Holiday Club so check out their website.

So I hope you all have a brilliant Summer time in the sunshine with your families!

I will, of course be getting my toes sandy here and abroad, Rosie has her first trip on an airplane excited much!


Zoe xxx

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