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Happy Travelling = Happy Campers

Harry & Meghan will obviously have an advantage travelling with their new bundle of joy with plenty of help on hand, but for us people who do not have a personal assistant planning and packing for us where do we start and make it relaxed and easy as possible?

Abroad to sandy beaches, camping in the beautiful British countryside or visiting family a long car drive away all requires some planning to keep your little ones happy.

Wherever you are leave the house....



  • Books & Games-These brilliant i-spy books are fab for keeping little ones busy. Check off what you have seen on your journey on the road or airport. You get points for different items from road signs to sheep and airplane tails.

  • I-spy keeps children happy for ages! If they are not up to spelling stage yet, use "i spy something with the colour_____" works the same.

  • Card Games- Get all the family playing the firm favourites Dobble & Uno with many different ways to play long or short games.

  • Colouring Books & Stickers- Keeping these back as a surprise will keep them busy for ages. Crayola have some great ones.

  • Snacks & Drinks- Keep a supply of snacks and drinks to hand for the grazers.

Flying High

  • You can wear a smug badge by checking in way before your holiday (some companies its 30 days) and choose an aisle seat with your little one. It will let you get in and out easily for loo breaks, changing, and general boredom.

  • Ear plugs or lollies really help with ear pain on going up or down. Pass the Chupa Chups.

  • Take ear phones for devices as not everyone will enjoy PJ Masks on the plane.

  • Most airlines will check pushchairs and car seats in free of charge and you can usually take them straight to the tarmac and deposit there.

  • Fares for the under two's are usually free so take advantage of that while you can.

  • Term time holidays are more reasonably priced so definitely go before reception year.

  • Flossi the Flamingo Trunkie & The Graffalo Trunkie the ride-on suitcases are great friends to put stuff inside and then be pulled along once little legs get tired at the airport....make use of those smooth floors!

Car Journeys.....Are we there yet!

  • Plan your journey ahead for suitable break points and leave extra time to get to your destination. Waze is great for doing this.

  • Window socks to keep the sun off your little ones. Does what it says on the tin. These are great on sunny days and there is no chance of them being popped off like the sucker ones.

  • Stops at a service station will be a lil quicker if you pack a separate draw string bag with a few nappies, wipes, bottom cream and spare undies for you little ones.

  • Take That CDs will be out! Nursery rhymes and songs will be IN! Or maybe Baby Shark........

  • Organise all the important things like colouring books, toys, water bottles, snacks in a car seat organiser.

Other than the Children of course, one other important thing to take with you on your trip....

And please print off your Family images to remind you of your time relaxing together

If you do not manage to get a passing stranger/waiter/new friend to take a photo of you all together while you are away.....



Based in Tongham, Farnham, Surrey

Have you booked your Summer Holiday yet?

Near or far, I hope you get to relax and spend time altogether wherever you are going

Lots of love



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