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All Things Bluebells & Interesting facts About Them

This is my favourite time of year when Spring begins and all the flowers start to grow once again. first the snow drops, crocus, daffodils, tulips and then my favourite......BLUEBELLS!

Here are some interesting facts about Bluebells:

About half of the the world’s population of these pretty wildflowers grow in the UK

The first bluebells are believed to have appeared in Britain after the last Ice Age.

Bluebells are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981,

There are rare ‘albino’ bluebells which are white as they lack the blue pigment.

Bees rely heavily on the flowers’ nectar in the spring but sometimes they ‘steal’ it by biting a hole in the bottom of the bell.


The bluebell woods in The Surrey Hills looked like this last week just getting ready to start blooming.

The National Trust looks after many bluebell woods and has lots of advice and where to find them.

Be careful not to step on these beautiful flowers and stick to the paths which usually wind in and out of them.

The bluebells are a perfect place to have your family photographed altogether as children can run along the paths and there are usually logs to sit on in and around which makes for a very natural setting for family images.

What To Wear.....

Neutral colours always work so creams, whites, beige, light blues, light pinks, pastel colours. Shirts or blouses, plain tops opposed to patterned.

Nina Mace Photography has brilliant advice on what to wear in Spring shoots

What to bring....

Bring your doggies too if you wish. Wellies for little ones as sometimes it can be wet and they can have a run around afterwards.

Did you know...........

My business name came after I photographed my first family sessions amongst the beautiful sea of blue in May 2017!

Other facts about Bluebells.....

Some people used to believe that anyone who wanders into a ring of bluebells will fall under fairy enchantment, or that anyone who hears the ringing of the flower’s bell will be visited by a malicious fairy and die soon after.

Bluebells are also called ‘fairy flowers.’ According to an old myth, fairies used bluebells to lure and trap people passing by in the woods – especially children!

Enjoy the beautiful Spring and the lovely sunshine we have been promised over the next few months!

Lots of love



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