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5 Unique Christmas Photo Gifts

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

So you've got to December & your phone is full up of photos of:

  • The traditional family walk on New Years day 2019

  • Your kids amongst the Spring time flowers

  • Easter crafty fun at home where you made Bonnets

  • Summer time sandcastle making

  • The children with Granny baking cakes

  • Date night photo while Auntie babysits

  • Pumpkin picking day with cousins on the tractor whilst heading out to the fields to pick the biggest

  • Christmas Ice Skating at Hampton Court

  • They can sit on your phone or hard drive, but why not put them together for gifts for family & friends this Christmas.

  1. Popsa Photo Book- A brilliant way to get all your fave photos in a book for Granny & Grandpa to show off their pride & joys to their friends! You can customise the outside and the spine of the book to suit you.

  2. The Gift Station This shop in Farnham prints images from your mobile and uses sustainable products too. I love these wooden baubles and your little ones would look great amonst the greenery in your tree year after year.

  3. Instajunction Love the name! Has a personalised fleecy or faux fur blanket so they can cuddle up with their fave little ones when they are not around.

  4. Photobox- Let your baby's face look at them all year around from the kitchen wall in a personalised calendar.

  5. Bags of Love- If Grandma likes her tea in a bone china mug then make a personalised mug on it for her to enjoy.

I hope this has helped and given you some ideas of what to do with the photos on your phone this Christmas!

Lots of love



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